Our Team

G. D. Spilsbury, author, has written four books and several screenplays. She studied fiction under novelist John Gardner and her biweekly film reviews appear in the Boston City Paper. She lives in Boston.
Frederick Greenhalgh, producer and director, has brought location-recording techniques from his indie film background to the production of audio drama. His work has been featured in NPR, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Guardian, BBC Radio, and numerous regional publications. He is the founder of FinalRune Productions and recently recorded and edited all location dialogue for Audible’s adaptation of LOCKE & KEY by Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez, and was assistant director/dialogue supervisor for Audible’s X-FILES: COLD CASES. More at: www.finalrune.com.
Anna Gravél, voice of Pia, is an actor, filmmaker, and storyteller who discovered her passion for performing and creating at age eight. She earned her BA in theater from the University of Southern Maine and has since performed in many stage, screen, and voice productions. Over the past five years, Anna has produced and directed numerous short films for Funny or Die, the Portland, Maine, 48-Hour Film Project, Damnationland, and more. She was a co-creator of the Four-Minute Film Festival and had a brief stint as a morning show co-host on a prominent local radio station. Recently she had a role in a SAG feature. It is Anna’s belief that through the art of acting, filmmaking, and storytelling, we have the unique opportunity to uplift, educate, and inspire not just those whose lives we touch through our art, but even ourselves.
Jesse Dean Lannoo, aka APE the GRiM, is an MC who represents “True School”Hip Hop culture with a strong focus on unity and development. He brings charismatic leadership with a real flare for being different. Hosting and performing at events, narrating programs, and creating original songs, Jesse brings his own element to everything he’s involved in. Stop by apethegrim.com and be part of what Jesse has goin’ on!
Grace Waldron, editor, is a Maine native with a passion for authentic storytelling. From a very young age Grace has been enthralled with the magic that sound, photography, and film can bring. She is recent graduate from University of Southern Maine with a degree in Communication and Media and continues her practice through her production business Reel Maine Company.
Christine Puopolo, graphic designer, a native of the Northshore of Massachusetts,  has always been inspired by the organic elements of the natural world. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Roger Williams University where she translated her love for the outdoors and travel into focuses on sustainability and anthropology. This swayed her to apply a meaningful worldview to her work and create designs that motivate through well-crafted content. She now lives in Portland, Maine where she runs her freelance practice Christine Puopolo Creative.
Michelle Loto Buckley, graphic designer and website developer, after receiving a BFA in Graphic Design from UMASS Lowell with a concentration in illustration, she honed her chops at a legal publication in Boston, MA. While there she did various design projects before taking the leap into a full-time freelance career. While working for the paper she won numerous newspaper and design awards for design, illustration and infographics. Examples of her work can be seen at GraphicDesignMe.com.